FAQ 常见问题

Q. How to oder? 如何下单?

  1. Click “Add to cart”. 加入购物车
  2. Click “Continue Shopping” to continue add other products into the cart or click “Checkout” to proceed your payment for the products. 点击Continue继续购物或Checkout 付款
  3. Register Account on Pearl Egg or Log in. 注册账户或登入
  4. Confirm your Shipping Address & choose Payment Method. 确认送货地址和选择汇款方式
  5. Upload baking transfer receipt in My Account. 上载汇款收据至您的账户My Account
  6. Waiting for our Delivery Service (2 to 3 days). 等待送货至你家(2至3天)

Q. What are the payment methods available? 付款方式
Pearl Egg offers various kind of Payment Methods as shown below :-
1. Credit Card
Via Ipay88 (Visa or Mastercard / Internet Banking)

2. Online Bank Transfer 网络汇款

Bank Account 银行户口 : 3215 626 228
Account Name 户口号码 : PEARL EGG MARKETING

After you made the payment, please WhatsApp us your banking receipt. 付款后请把单据WhatsApp我们

Note: Your purchased products will not be delivered until we have this confirmation. 注意:直到我们收到您的汇款单据,我们才会把您的产品寄送出去

Q. How to change my account information and shipping address? 如何更改个人资料及地址?

  • Log-in your account → Click on “Account Maintenance” → Edit your account information and Shipping address here.
  • 登入您的账户→点击"Account Maintenance"→填写个人资料及地址

Q. I forgot my Password for my account. 忘记登入密码?

  1. Click on “Lost Password?” and fill your email that used to register the account in the box and "Click Submit."
  2. A verification token will be sent to you. Once you have received the token, you will be able to choose a new password for your account.
  • 点击 "Lost Password?", 填写您注册鲜宝的邮件后呈交。您将获取一份验证码。填入验证码以获取您的账号。

Q. Can I cancel an existing order that have been made? 能否取消订单?

  1. No, we don't accept cancel oder. Sorry for any inconvenience.
  • 对不起,我们不接受取消订单或退货哦。

Q. How long does the delivery usually takes? 送货时间?

  • Delivery usually will takes about << 1 working days>> to << 3 working days>> after banking.
  • 送货时间为汇款后的1-3天工作日。

Q. I still have doubts! 我还有疑问!

  • Please kindly contact our customer services.
  • 请联络我们的客服人员。